Tribute BRIEFCASE "C": 4-Panel Graphic Mural

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Tribute Briefcase 4-Panel Graphic Mural

  • Convert your Tribute Display into your Marketing Display: You're always ready for the local expo by adding the 4-Panel Full-color Graphic Mural to your Tribute Briefcase Display System.

  • Simply Reverse the Arch-top Header that came with your system, from the Black Velcro-ready side to the smooth styrene side that is imprinted with your Full-color Logo or Graphic and you're ready to go!
  • How 4-Panel Murals Work: Your Full-color graphic mural is printed then cut into 4 vinyl panels each edged with thin Velcro strips on the reverse side.  When each panel is assembled side-by-side, they span the entire 4 ft. x 2 ft. display image area appearing as one mural.
    See Gallery Examples

  • Storage and TransportThe 4 mural panels can remain in place when the display is closed and the header is stored in the back of the display for easy transport.

  • Graphic Artwork: Use our Template and Guidelines to create you own graphics or request our Graphic Services.  Our expert designers are here to help.

Choose 'Customer Supplies Art' or 'Graphic Services Requested' from the drop-down on this page when ordering.

Customer Supplies Art
    You choose to provide us with your own digital artwork per the graphic specifications and template provided for your specific Display's size.  You will receive an email after ordering with a link to upload your artwork.

OR (choose)

Graphic Services Requested
    When you select the Artwork Option 'Graphic Services Requested' from the drop down when you order, we will contact you to discuss your needs and the best way to get the work done efficiently and cost effectively.

From Simple Set-up to Comprehensive Design.

Simple Set-up:
      If you just need a Simple Set-up of your graphics to meet your display's artwork specifications ensuring accuracy in size and image quality we're here to help.


Comprehensive Design:
    Let us create Comprehensive Design Graphics from scratch.  With decades of experience developing marketing content, graphics and branding for hundreds of clients, we will put our creativity, skills and knowledge to work for you to communicate your message clearly!  Contact Us!

   Within the Graphic Gallery are quick links to the Graphic Header's, 4-Panel Murals, and Graphic Header/Mural Combo's specific to each of the displays (Tribute Max, Tribute Deluxe Brief, and Tribute Briefcase). Quick links to each display's unique graphic specifications and templates are also provided. 

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