System Bundles

Tribute Display Systems

Tribute Display Systems come in 3 sizes:
  - SYSTEM A: Tribute Max 6' x 3'
  - SYSTEM B: Tribute Deluxe Briefcase 5' x 32"
  - SYSTEM C: Tribute Briefcase 4' x 2'

SAVE MORE by purchasing Multiple Systems

Multiple Systems - Multi-Purpose Use...

Expanded Tributes
     Create expanded Side by Side Tributes with same-sized systems or a create a Tiered Tribute using Systems A, B and C. Select a primary display as your focus and secondary display(s) to celebrate different aspects of the honoree's life. One display may tell the story of their journey, while you use the others to highlight their career, passions, hobbies or travels.  

Consistent Look and Feel
     Create a consistent look and feel of your tribute theme throughout your event's facility. For example, you may choose to use System C: the Tribute Briefcase (4' x 2'), to be the backdrop for the guestbook, program and cards with your Honoree's framed photo placed in the center. What a perfect way to welcome visitors and set the stage for your theme!

Multiple Locations & Configurations
     Be ready with a variety of Tribute configurations at your fingertips.  Purchasing multiple system sizes (bundles) not only is a better value, but allows you to share resources if you have more than one location and/or manage multiple events simultaneously with greater creative flexibility.

Promote Your Business
    Don't forget to set-up a Tribute Display in your lobby to promote your Business Services, Facility and Tribute Personalizations.  You may even set-up a Tribute Personalization Mock-up for clients to see this unique service you offer.

Add Optional  Graphic Murals/Headers to create greater impact!

What's included in the System Bundles?

EACH Display System in your Selected Bundle includes:

- One Self-Packing Tabletop Portable Display
- Two 12 Volt LED Lights
- Photo Assembly Kit
- Canvas Carry Bag
- Reversible Arched Header with your
  Full-Color Graphic/Logo printed on reverse side.

CHOOSE from a Variety of POPULAR 

Tribute Display Systems come in 3 sizes:
  SYSTEM A: Tribute Max 6' x 3'
 SYSTEM B: Tribute Deluxe Briefcase 5' x 32"
 SYSTEM C: Tribute Briefcase 4' x 2'

Select the System Bundle right for your location and usage
from the Pre-Packaged Tribute Display System Bundles (shown below)
or Access our Tribute Displays
Configurations and Usage Chart
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Don't forget to add Spotlight Battery Power to Light-Up your Tribute Display Anywhere!
     ...Check out the Spotlight Battery Power Kit!
(Optional add to cart separately)