System Bundle "ABBC": Tribute -(Max + Double Deluxe + Briefcase)

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Tribute  (Max + Double Deluxe + Briefcase)
System Bundle

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(5 ft. x 32 in.)
and ONE
Tribute Briefcase Package "C1"
(4 ft. x 2 ft.)
each complete with its own Photo Assembly Kit and Canvas Carry Bag. 

 Includes ONE:

Plus TWO

Plus ONE

Each Package Includes:

  • Qty-1 Tribute Self-Packing Tabletop Display
  • Qty-1 Reversible Arched Header with Custom Graphic
  • Qty-2 -12V LED Lights
  • Qty-1 Photo Assembly Kit
  • Qty-1 Canvas Carry Bag

Bundle "AABC" 
Suggested Configurations and Usage Options:
- Tribute Stand-Alone / Scattered 
- Welcome Guests
- Tribute Side by Side Matching Displays
- Tribute 2-Tier Side by Side
- Tribute 3-Tier Side by Side
- Tiered on 2 Sides with Center Focus
- Tribute Display + Marketing Display

See Usage Definitions and more System Bundle Options with Quick Links in the Tribute Display System and Bundles Configurations Chart.

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