Easy to Transport and Store!

Easy Transport
- Pack-up in Minutes 

Take your Tribute Anywhere!
     Prepare ahead of time and take your self-packing tabletop Tribute Display System to chapels, mausoleums, visitation rooms, homes and event locations while leaving your designed Tribute intact (only remove solid objects or items that cross over the folds of the panels during transport).  

Available in 3 Sizes:

Storage and transport images for each of the 3 Tribute Display System Sizes (shown below) are followed by The 3 Step Tear-down Process which applies to all Tribute Displays. 

System "A": Tribute Max 6 ft. x 3 ft. Display:

Transport easily by pulling the Tribute Max behind you as you would rolling luggage or like a suitcase using  the retractable hand-grip on the side.


Store any extra items in the large pockets outside the display's Canvas Carry Bag (located on reverse side of image above).

The Tribute Deluxe Brief and the Tribute Briefcase are the same design but are two different sizes.
Utilize Spotlight Battery Power for ultimate portability by eliminating any electrical concerns (optional).

The 3 STEP Tear-down Process: 

     When your Tribute event is finished, simply remove the photos, captions and objects. Store captions and reusable photo sleeves back in the Photo Assembly Kit.

     Remove the Arched Header and store it in the back of the display. Also, remove, collapse and store the two LED Lights, cords and adapters in their padded storage compartment in the back of the Tribute Max Display or in the storage compartment at the bottom of the Tribute Deluxe Brief and Tribute Briefcase Canvas Carry Bags.

     Fold the Tribute Display (per the instructions) back into its slim profile design for easy storage. Slip the display into the protective Canvas Carry Bag Utilize the large pockets on the outside of the bag for additional storage. You can carry the display over your shoulder with the included Sturdy Shoulder Strap attached to the Canvas Carry Bag or Suitcase/Briefcase Style by lifting the display's handles through the opening in the Canvas Bag . 


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